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碳纖維頭盔. 只供訂購. 約2個月交貨.
Order only. Delivery in about 2 months.
帽體 Shell: SRC
規格 Standard: Snell, JIS
尺碼 Size: XS - XL
日本製造. Made in Japan

終極的碳纖維摩托車頭盔! ARAI VZ-RAM SRC碳纖維頭盔是摩托車界有史以來最特別的頭盔之一。每個帽體由不少於11層碳纖維層組成。VZ-RAM SRC技術是建基於GP-6 RC,專為一級方程式而開發的賽車頭盔。VZ-RAM SRC由極高剛性和輕量的碳纖維帽體,經”外圍束帶”結構加固組成。ARAI工程師尋找高質量的碳纖維,最後發現航空級的碳纖維,ARAI自行開發的樹脂和強化柴隆是最佳的帽體材料。每個帽體需要一個熟練技工花一整天才製成。


    THE ULTIMATE IN CARBON FIBER! The Arai VZ-RAM SRC carbon fiber helmet is one of the most special helmets ever offered to the motorcycling community. Each outer shell consists of no less than eleven carefully applied carbon fiber layers. The technology of the VZ-RAM SRC is based on that of the GP-6 RC car-racing helmet, which was specially developed for Formula 1 use. It consists of an extremely stiff and light carbon fiber outer shell, reinforced with the “Peripherally Belted” construction. The Arai engineers searched and found a superior carbon fiber quality. A mixture of aircraft quality premium carbon fiber with Arai’s own resin and Zylon reinforcement proved to be the perfect mixture for the outer shell. It takes a skilled Arai craftsman a full working day just to make one outer shell.

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