GP-J3 8859 (賽車 RACING)

GP-J3 8859 (賽車 RACING)

帽體 Shell: PB-cLc
規格 Standard: FIA 8859, Snell SA
尺碼 Size: XS - XXXL
日本製造. Made in Japan

GP-J3是Arai的在頭盔上同時追求舒適度和功能的另一個好例子。簡單流暢的頭盔外殼線條中包含了尖端的撞擊能量管理系統。更新和改進後的殼形和結構加上擴大覆蓋面的“FCS”面頰墊,以提高承托及舒適度。Arai對每一個頭盔的重視,您可以在GP-J3的細節中找到。頭盔內襯和貼合度是典型的Arai設計,50多年的研究和改進後,頭盔內襯與頭部更匹配。頭盔貼身而且非常舒適,允許車手佩戴最貼身的頭盔以達致最大程度的保護。符合Snell SA2015與FIA8859-2015標準。

  • GP-J3

    The Arai GP-J3 is another representation of Arai's pursuit of comfort and function in one attractive package whose simplicity and smooth lines belie the complex energy-management system within. The updated and improved shell shape and construction incorporate extended facial coverage with sculpted "FCS" cheek pads for improved support and comfort. The same care and attention that Arai puts into every helmet can be found in the details of the GP-J3 open-face series. The interior fit is typical Arai, benefiting from over 50 years of research and refinement, and resulting in a helmet that more closely matches the shape of the human head. The fit is close but remarkably comfortable, allowing for the smallest possible helmet to be worn for maximum protection. Meets Snell SA2015 & FIA 8859-2015 standards.

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