GP-6S 8859 (賽車 RACING)

GP-6S 8859 (賽車 RACING)

帽體 Shell: cLc
規格 Standard: FIA 8859, Snell SA
尺碼 Size: XS - XL
日本製造. Made in Japan

GP-6S 8859是專為房車車手設計,使用與GP-6 8859和最高級別的GP-6 RC相同的外殼形狀,及優化視線的廣闊面罩。單進氣及單排氣口提供了良好的通風性能。現在Snell SA2015認證,安裝6毫米HANS墊圈/螺母後,任何人都可以輕鬆地佩帶各種使用6毫米螺栓的頭和頸部約束保護系統HANS Device。

The GP-6S 8859 is designed with the sport driver in mind (hence the "S" designation). It uses the same shell shape as the GP-6 8859 and state-of-the-art GP-6RC, along with the same wider eye port for increased peripheral vision. The single intake/single exhaust vents provide excellent ventilation performance. Check the entire list of features and we think you’ll agree: The only thing missing from Arai’s GP-6S 8859 is the higher price tag. 

Now Snell SA2015 certified, and with the 6mm washer/nut installed, anyone can now easily install a variety of Head and Neck Restraint systems that use a 6mm bolt to their helmet. This helmet also comes with the FIA-8859-2015 certification sticker applied to the interior liner of the helmet.

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