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GP-6 PED 8859 (賽車 RACING)

GP-6 PED 8859 (賽車 RACING)

帽體 Shell: Super cLc
規格 Standard: FIA 8859, Snell SA
尺碼 Size: XS - XL
日本製造. Made in Japan

簡單而言,很難想像有一個比GP-6 PED 8859 更好的賽車頭盔。GP-6 PED 8859齊集了ARAI專利突破性的ScLc (Super Complex Laminate Construction) 外殼結構,GP-6RC 的外殼形狀,更優化視線的廣闊眼部面罩及全新通風口。新外殼具有良好的強度和韌性,其高強度讓ARAI可以使用一個非常柔軟舒適的EPS內襯。 面墊可更換成合適你個人的。頭盔頂部改良成三個更大的進氣及兩個較大的排氣口。GP-6 PED 8859達到並超越FIA 8859-2015和SNELL SA2015標準。

  • GP-6 PED 8859

    Simply put, it’s hard to imagine a better racing helmet. Combine Arai’s proprietary, groundbreaking Super cLc (Super Complex Laminate Construction) shell construction -- the same shell shape as the F-1-grid’s GP-6RC model; a wider eye port for optimized peripheral vision; new ventilation; and on and on – and you get the striking new Arai GP-6 PED 8859. The new shell gives you incredible strength and flexibility, and that strength allows Arai to use an extremely soft EPS liner that’s so comfortable it’ll make you think more about a nap than a race. Right until you strap in, that is. The cheek pads are replaceable for a more personal fit. Up top, the ventilation system is greatly improved with three larger, closeable intake vents, plus two larger exhaust cowls. The GP-6 PED 8859 meets or exceeds the FIA 8859-2015 Standard and the SNELL SA 2015 Standard.

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