FIA 8860-2000
SFI 3.2A/5
尺碼 Sizes 46-64
物料重量 MOM Weight 405 g/m² (比傳統設計輕25%. 25% lighter than conventional designs)
意大利製造. Made in Italy

PUMA Future Cat Suit 融合了成熟的技術和經典的雙色設計。它採用了獨特的輕量透氣 satin Nomex III 3層設計,比其他3層輕量的設計提供無可匹敵的減重,優越的排汗作用,較高的熱保護,和提高了耐用性。配備了獨特的PUMA條紋肩章。

The PUMA Future Cat Suit combines well established technology with a classic bicolor design. It utilizes a lightweight and breathable satin Nomex III material in a unique 3 layer design offering unmatched weight reduction, superior transpiration, higher thermal protection, and increased durability over other 3-layer lightweight designs. Comes with distinctive PUMA form stripe epaulettes.

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