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FIA 8860-2000
SFI 3.3/5
尺碼 Sizes UK 5-12, 13

採用優質全粒皮革和耐油橡膠鞋底。尼龍搭扣提供定制的舒適度與合身度,減少足部在比賽時的疲勞。低截面鞋底是徹底改造的PUMA UNI設計,提供良好的性能。模壓橡膠鞋跟是專為F1車手足部動作設計。前腳掌不對稱設計與腳的自然輪廓匹配,以確保最大的接觸和踏板感覺。

Constructed of premium full-gain leather and oil-resistant rubber outsole. Alternative velcro closure offers customized comfort and fit, preventing the foot from falling asleep during long runs on the track. Low-profile outsole is a re-invented interpretation of PUMA UNI construction offering pure performance benefits. The co-molded rubber heel allows the perfect roll and range of motion required by F1 pilots. Asymmetrical forefoot pad follows the natural outline of the foot ensuring maximum contact and pedal feel.
• Upper: Premium full-gain leather, synthetic leather, alternative velcro closure, Nomex lining
• Midsole: UNI Chassis
• Outsole: UNI COntruction and oil-resistant rubber outsole
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