碳纖維頭盔. 只供訂購. 約6星期交貨.
Order only. Delivery in about 6 weeks.
帽體 Shell: RC
規格 Standard: FIA 8860, Snell SAH
尺碼 Size: XS - XL
日本製造. Made in Japan

GP-6 RC極能代表ARAI的優質出品: 把ARAI的願景及高技術掌握,應用於頭盔功能當中。這是始於一個驚人的技術進步: ARAI專有的碳纖維及編織技術,結合了炭纖維高強度和極輕量的優點,同時具有高剛度(一般的碳纖維缺乏剛性,容易在撞擊中粉碎) 。在方程式賽車中,高剛度是頭盔必須具備的要求。 GP-6RC達到並超越FIA 8860-2010和SNELL SAH2010標準。

The new GP-6RC is a stunning example of Arai’s vision and technological mastery engineered into a functional, real-world piece of safety equipment. It begins with a startling advancement: a proprietary Carbon Fiber (CF) weave that combines CF’s existing benefits of high strength and extreme light weight with a major added benefit that standard CF does not possess: flexibility. (Standard CF tends to splinter or shatter instead of flex on impact.) The result is a helmet ready for the unparalleled demands and requirements of Formula-1 racing. The GP-6RC meets or exceeds the FIA 8860-2010 Standard and the SNELL SAH 2010 Standard.

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